Magnetic Building Blocks, Car, Truck, Bulldozer, Excavator, and Drill

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These custom designed "Build With Magnets Building Blocks" are a MUST HAVE! Designed with premium high quality material! The individual pieces are interchangeable between kits.
You can get this educational toy, but only for a limited time.

Benefits your children can get:

Imagination and practice in creativity: your children can use their imagination to build different shapes!

Practice building: squares, triangles, hexagonal, your child will understand what 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes are. Learning skills that can lead to developing special superior abilities in complex thinking.

Distinguishing Colors: a beautiful variety of colors: green, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, light blue. With these colorful blocks, your child will never get bored!

Learning Mathyour child can use the squares and triangles for counting, one square block plus another square equals two. Four triangles minus one triangle equals three.

Fun and entertaining: your child can build a 2-dimensional design, then lift up on the key block and a 3 dimensional shape is formed in front of you. 

Our advantages:

Natural magnet: these are more powerful.

ARC design: safety corners your child will never cut themselves.

Toxic free and safe to play made with food grade plastic.

How to sort out: Put the blocks together one by one.
How to clean: wipe with a clean cloth, if necessary, you can disinfect with Lysol spray and wipe them off, please do NOT use water to wash them.

 Age Range: > 3 years old

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